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This product has now been discontinued. Existing customers please read below.

Apple eNews, Feb 5, 2004 issue

Apple eNews

Phlink is Discontinued

After years of enthusiastic development of Ovolab Phlink, and thousands of happy users relying on it worldwide, we are sorry to announce that we are discontinuing the product.

Due to the loss of relevance of analog landlines and analog telephony over the years, it became unsustainable for Ovolab to keep developing and evolving Phlink. We therefore decided to focus Ovolab's efforts on our other activities, mainly iOS development.

Our most sincere thanks go to all the customers who have supported us by buying Phlink, sending us feedback, contributing with scripts and extensions, suggesting features and inspiring us with novel uses. It's been a great journey.

Support for Existing Customers

If you are an Ovolab Phlink customer in need of a replacement unit, please contact us.


You can download the latest version of Phlink by clicking the Download button above.

You can use it for free by using the following registration code: OVPH-900C-0027-1RZL-C743.


Please note that we cannot provide support for this product.