At Ovolab, we fully understand the iPhone look and feel, the details that make iOS apps unique, the features that get users engaged and excited. And we build them into your apps.


We provide both design and development services as needed by our clients. While we specialize in high-visibility projects, we are also available for working on smaller apps.


Our team of interface gurus and engineers, with critically acclaimed expertise and design savvy, are experts at identifying the latest trends and at integrating the newest technologies into your apps.

That's how we succeeded in developing multiple #1 paid, #1 grossing and #1 free iPhone and iPad apps.


User interface and user experience design by Ovolab is state of the art and a joy to use. We know how to make the best use of multitouch, how to create the smoothest animations, intuitive metaphors and immersive experiences.



Design, stability and performance are our priorities.

Our team has worked on several mission critical projects that ran reliably and unattended for months. And we put the same care into your app, to make it rock solid.

We developed our expertise by creating apps that optimize data traffic and battery usage. While these details might not be noticeable under optimal circumstances, they are the ones that make a difference in everyday use.

And of course, we deliver your apps to market on time and on budget.



If your project requires a server-side component, our talented team has all the skills required to develop the back end software too.

We develop content management systems (CMS), publishing platforms, social networking back ends and any other infrastructure that your app needs.

Or, we can interface with your existing back end solution.



If you are interested in hiring us for custom software development, contact us now. We'll be thrilled to work on your next killer app.