Shared Web Credential: you can finally forget your password!

Each app we develop brings within itself our will to create a great user experience: our daily mission is to create user-friendly mobile apps, indeed.

In this case, in particulars, we have decided to simplify the user login process by using the magic Apple functionality: the web shared credentials.

With this efficient service, the app can access the credentials stored for the website instead of requiring the user to reenter a username and password. For example, if the user signed up for MAT on their Mac, they could download our iPhone app and immediately login without needing to remember or tap in their credentials. That’s simply amazing!

User, however, can also create new accounts, update passwords, or delete their accounts from within the app. These changes are then saved and user by Safari.

Code to do it: [l’intenzione è di scrivere in maniera discorsiva il codice]

Design: [inserire immagini spiegando cosa accade e quando in maniera molto semplice e breve]

Results: [ i risultati raggiunti]