“Ovolab expands with the acquisition of Anobii”

Turin, 29 May 2019 – Ovolab, the Italian mobile apps  and software developer, signed an agreement with Mondadori Group for the acquisition of Anobii, the social network dedicated to books.

Created in 2006 from an idea by Greg Sung, over time Anobii evolved to become a thematic platform for book lovers, on which users – readers of the widest range of interests – can create their own virtual libraries, share reviews, recommendations and thoughts about the literary world.

From 2014 onwards, Mondadori Group managed Anobii focusing on readers and their desire to share experiences and suggestions, while also launching new applications for the users.

Ovolab’s specific skills will be crucial to grant Anobii an innovative future, both on mobile devices and on the web. Ovolab will keep on working at enhancing and expanding Anobi, leveraging its know-how in digital media projects, to provide state of the art services to the community of passionate readers who are enriching the platform every day.

This operation will allow Ovolab to reinforce its business, in perfect synergy with its vocation for innovation, through the development of platforms and services integrating content and technology.

“We are delighted to welcome Anobii to Ovolab. We have great plans for the evolution of Anobii, and we expect to announce the first new applications by the end of 2019. Mondadori Group has left us a huge legacy. We enthusiastically welcome this new responsibility and are eagerly looking forward to keep on along the path started and pursued by Mondadori,” stated Matteo Da Pont, Ovolab Chief Executive.

Anobii now has over 1 million users around the world, 400,000 in Italy, where it enjoys great popularity. Anobii overall database includes 11.5 million titles, with 2.8 million reviews (with a weekly average production of around 1.000) , and more than 22 million book ratings.

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